What does registration and for what service "your child"

1. We Give 100 UAH discount on orders

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2. Happy Birthday

"Garnamama" presents  birthday gifts - personal discount on clients  order every year for Your kid. 


3. Easy search

After entering information about your child, you do not need every time to choose the size of your baby - he fills the site search filters and provides appropriate clothing.

For this go to any product category, click "Your Child" and choose them, "I am a child, for whom choosing clothes. After a few seconds the site will offer you clothes that fit.

The "Your child" will automatically increase the height of your child. If your data is not the same, they can be easily changed.

In option "Your Child" can make data your kids, neighborhood children - all of whom you are buying. We will store this data and you do not need to know every growth children.

4. You will be aware of all our news!

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Registration Online


For registration of online you need:

1. Click "Login"

2.You will be directed to the login form, where you have to click on "Register"

3. In the registration form you must fill in the fields:

- Full Name

- E-mail - Password (minimum 6 characters)


Optionally can provide a phone number where we can contact you for further details on request.

Press "Submit"

You will see confirmation of successful registration

5.  Letter of your registration data will be sent to your e-mail.

6. After that you will have a personal office on site.

Here you can:

- Change your password

- Fill in the delivery address

- Fill in the details of your child (ren)


All data is stored and every order you will be offered to facilitate filling of data