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How to choose products
How to make order
How to pay
Delivery orders

How to choose products

Choose the desired product on the site you can use the categories of "Girls" and "Boys".  In each category, you will be offered types of clothing (eg., Dresses, Sets, Skirts, Accessories and so on).

Using filters you can choose the required parameters: age, size of the child. The same can filter promotional goods and new items in this category.


Clicking on the link titled product, you can see a detailed description, different colors and models existence sizes.

After you have learned about the range of our store, picked up the goods, put it in the cart by clicking the button at the desired size.


Adding to the basket all the goods you want to buy, go to view its contents by clicking on the image of a basket in the upper right corner of the page.

Pay attention we have no limits on minimum order, you can purchase one unit of the goods, any amount convenient for you


While editing the contents of the basket can change the number of items, remove or add something.

If you have a promotional code, you must enter its number in the appropriate field and click 'Activate'.

You can make order in two ways:


1. Quick Order by phone:

You specify your mobile phone to Manager "Garnamama" has contacted you and explained the details of the payment and delivery.

This service is useful for those users who are limited in time

2. Ordering online:

Following the instructions of the site, you fill yourself shipping address and payment method. More detailed instructions given below

How to make order

To place an order fill out a simple form with contact information: Last Name First, Name Middle, mobile phone and your contact e-mail


Click "Next" and choose one of three options for delivery:

• Delivery by courier

• Delivery of  the Depots Nova Poshta

• Delivery of the department Ukrpost

Delivery by courier

When ordering by courier delivery quote the exact address. Delivery "to door" convenient for those who do not have the opportunity to receive orders in the office of the transport company, so the courier will deliver your order directly to the address. On the day of delivery you call the manager and agree the time of arrival.

Delivery of  the depots Nova Poshta

If you choose delivery to the depots Nova Poshta, you can receive your order in the nearest depots of the transport company. Find your nearest depots you can on the website. For your convenience, order Nova Poshta delivery is possible, as in 100% prepaid and postpaid.  Delivery by means of a cash advance is not required, and you pay for your order receipt in the depots of the Nova Poshta. After delivery to the of sending depots Nova Poshta you will receive an SMS-message with the number of the consignment note.. To get an order you just have the original passport and number of the consignment note  which you will inform our store manager

Delivery of the department Ukrpochta

When making delivery Ukrpochta  sure to include the city, Full name, street, house number, apartment number, postal code. Delivery of Ukrpochta carried out only with the full advance payment. Track movement order, call posting on the site Ukrpochta. Notification of arrival of the parcel will bring you to your inbox. You can get order in your post office having passport.

After determining convenient delivery method, make all the necessary shipping information, click "Next" and go to the payment options.


Selecting order payment card of any bank or through Privat24 Privatbank through the terminal, no commission and you get the most favorable payment terms on our website.

Check again order, your contact data and go to the payment of order by clicking "Pay".


How to pay

Invoice is valid during 1 working day after sending the order.

Depending on the method of delivery is different ways of payment orders:

1. Payment to the courier.
Payment takes place directly Courier, upon receipt of order.

2. Payment upon receipt of goods (postpay).

Possible when ordering the the depots Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta.

3. The payment card of any bank (Visa, MasterCard), Privat 24 or through the terminal Privatbank.

Commission for payment of the customer is not charged.

If you chose this option, you immediately get the payment system liqpay  - is a secure web-interface PrivatBank through which you can choose any convenient payment option:

a) pay card VISA / MasterCard - fill in the card number, expiration date.

b) Pay by using the account liqpay - for those who are already registered in liqpay

You need to fill in your phone number and the system will offer bank accounts that are attached to your system liqpay.

Next payment algorithm as in the first paragraph - to confirm your details and click "Pay"


c) cash payment through the terminal:


Variant 1:

In any terminal type your phone number

Select "Payment of other services"

In the "Find Company" enter "Garnamama"

You see the search results – PE  Zaslavets

In the field "Order" enter your order number in the field "Amount" - the cost of your order.

Press "Pay"

Variant 2

- the system liqpay specify the mobile phone number which will receive a text message with the order number. This number must enter at any terminal and act according to the instructions of the terminal.


This code in SMS valid day.



d) payment at the box office of the bank - the option "Invoice"

enter your e-mail address to be sent account  for payment in any bank of Ukraine

e) Privat24

If you choose this option, you enter a "Private 24" and pay for the order from your card Privatbank



After receiving payment, your order is sent for delivery and will be delivered to you under the terms of the option chosen delivery 


Delivery orders


We deliver all over Ukraine.

We have no the minimum order - order any amount convenient for you.


Delivery options:

• courier

• Nova Poshta

• Ukrpost

We will send your order:

• on the same day if the order was made until 5:00 p.m at the office of the Nova Poshta or Ukrposhta

• the next day if the order was made after 5:00 p.m  or when choosing a courier or delivery to the Department of Ukrpost.


Payment options:

• cash (pay the courier upon receiving the order);

• cash on delivery in the department "Nova Poshta";

• cashless payments for Ukraine - a card of any bank (Visa, MasterCard), or through Privat24 PrivatBank terminal;




Type of deliveryOrder <1500 UAHOrder >1500 UAHDelivery times
 Ukrpost34 UAHfree3-5 days according to the delivery schedule Ukrpochta
 Courier by Kyiv34 UAHfree1-2 days
 Courier by Ukraine69 UAHfree1-2 days depending on the city
 Nova Poshta69 UAHfree1-2 days according to the schedule of delivery Nova Poshta


Delivery of courier (express delivery address "the door")

When ordering by courier delivery, please specify the exact address. On the day of delivery you must call the manager and agree a convenient time of arrival.

Delivery 1-2 days depending on the city.


Delivery of Nova Poshta

1.Transport company "Nova Poshta" at 100% prepayment

If you made a payment until 5:00, we will send him the same day; order paid after 5.00 p.m, we send the next day. After sending the number of express shipment note  reported to your e-mail.

Delivery 1-2 days depending on the city. 


2. Transport company "Nova Poshta" cash on delivery (payment upon receipt of the department).

Delivery 1-2 days depending on the city.


Pay attention: free storage time is 5 days after arrival of the goods at the warehouse of your city.


Delivery of Ukrpost


Delivery of Ukrpost carried out only with the full advance payment. Delivery 1-3 days depending on the city.


Return products


If the purchased in our online store have not  approached the size or lack found, you can take advantage of the return / exchange of goods.

This service is available for 365 days from moment of sending the the order.

According to the legislation of Ukraine are non-refundable:

• gloves 

• underwear 

• bed linen

• hosiery

• napkins for babies

To return accepted product that has not been used and has saved labels


 To return the goods:

1. Fill out an application for the return (on the back of the order form):

- Specify the reason for the return,

- Check mark goods which return.


2. Repack the product and the statement in the package "Nova Poshta" that you received with the order.

3. Please contact any depots of the "Nova Poshta" package and send us the following data on our account:
Kyiv, warehouse of "Nova Poshta", depots №53

Recipient - Internet-shop «Garnamama», phone: 380672897722

Description of sending - Clothing

Announced cost - please return value in UAH

Payer services – Sender

4. Report by email declaration number and parcel number of your order.

After we receive parcels and checking saving labels we will refund your money for the goods in full.